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Oral Reconstruction

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you is your smile. It fosters communication while showing happiness and well-being. So why not make your smile as perfect as possible?

Oral reconstruction can address a wide range of concerns relating to your face, mouth, jaws and teeth. Through oral reconstruction, you can benefit from both functional and cosmetic improvements.

Who Can Benefit From Oral Reconstruction?

Anyone who has a mouth that is not healthy or functioning properly may benefit from oral reconstruction.

Oral reconstruction can treat:

  • Missing, worn or chipped teeth
  • Traumatic injury to the mouth or teeth
  • Bite discrepancies
  • Inadequate bone structure
  • Congenital jaw defects

Oral reconstruction can significantly improve your quality of life through functional and cosmetic correction. The best candidates will be healthy and have realistic goals and expectations. During your consultation, we can determine if you're a candidate. Come prepared to discuss factors such as your dental history, current medications and expected outcome.

What to Expect During Your Oral Reconstruction

Your oral reconstruction procedure will be customized to meet your individual needs. You may require one or more procedures to achieve optimal results. Common oral reconstruction procedures include:

  • Dental implants to replace missing or damaged teeth.
  • Soft tissue grafting to add more gum tissue to deficient areas of the mouth.
  • Bone grafting to fortify the jaw with new bone for dental implants.
  • Tooth extraction to remove infected, diseased or necrotic teeth.
  • Orthognathic surgery to correct misaligned teeth or jaws.

Oral reconstruction can be performed in a single surgery or in stages. The length of your surgery as well as the surgical techniques used will be discussed in-depth prior to your surgery.

After Your Surgery

The recovery from oral reconstruction will vary depending on the complexity of the procedures performed. We will provide you with specific aftercare and hygiene instructions. It is normal to experience some soreness for the first few days. Over-the-counter or prescription medications may be recommended to ease any discomfort.

You may be required to take one or more days off of work and other normal activities during the recovery process. Follow up appointments also will be necessary to ensure proper healing. The results of your surgery will become gradually apparent as swelling and soreness begin to subside. It may take several months to completely heal from surgery.

Understanding the Risks of Oral Reconstruction

All surgical procedures, including oral reconstruction, present a degree of risk and uncertainty. Risks and safety information will be discussed in-depth during your consultation. Some risks make include slow healing, bleeding, inflammation, swelling, numbness in the mouth or lips and adverse reaction to anesthesia.

If You're Ready to Take the Next Step

If you're ready to learn more about oral reconstruction, please contact Surgical Arts of Inland Empire for a consultation. During your consultation, you can ask questions, review photos and discuss important details such as the cost and expected recovery time.


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