From paddle board yoga to facial yoga, there are many ways to stretch yourself mentally and physically with creative forms of yoga…but toega? Yes, according to Purewow, yoga for your toes is a thing and it’s quickly catching on.

Here’s why giving your feet a little love could make a big impact on your overall health.

What is toega and how can it help me?

In a nutshell, toega is the practice of gently stretching your feet and toes. Our feet often don’t get the love they deserve and showing them some attention through toega can improve mobility, foot flexibility and strength, and what’s more…it can also help prevent common ailments like plantar fasciitis, bunions, and even shin splints.

Five minutes a day can make a big difference

Are you ready to improve your health by simply stretching your tootsies? There are a few easy stretches that you can do each morning as you get out of bed.

To start, try these poses:

  • On a soft surface, try by bending your big toe under the ball of your foot. Apply slight pressure and stretch that area for 30 seconds. Repeat a few times on each foot.

  • Try standing on both big toes only. Isolate the “big piggie” areas by raising up your other toes, keeping the ball of your foot firmly planted on the ground. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat a few times.

  • Grab a towel, sit at a 90 degree angle, and place your feet within the towel. Scrunch your toes and grab the towel, pulling it toward you. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat a few times.

For more foot help, talk to a professional

Your feet take you everywhere—and you need to take care of them. If you have foot pain or questions about the best tips for foot health, contact us today. Our Rancho Cucamonga foot doctors are proud to offer a variety of procedures in cosmetic podiatry and can help you take great care of one of your most important assets.

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As Inland Empire podiatric surgeons, we help hundreds of patients each year get lasting relief from painful bunions with bunion surgery. But we also understand that given the option, you’d probably rather stay out of our operating room—and still avoid the pain and stiffness of bunions.

While surgery is often the best solution for severe bunions, the good news is that you can prevent bunions from getting to this point, even if you’re on your feet all day. It just takes a little knowledge about what really causes bunions, and what shoes to wear to keep them at bay. Here’s our brief primer to help you bunion-proof your feet.

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From yesterday’s powdered wigs to today’s unicorn eye makeup, cosmetic enhancement has always been a part of human culture. While current trends are more likely to be colorful than questionable, in the past there were a fair number of decidedly strange, even dangerous trends.

To help you appreciate how far we’ve come, we thought we’d share a few of the more outlandish past fads—and answer back with safer, more effective options to achieve the modern version of said goal. Take a look and laugh (or cry) at what past generations did to achieve their desired looks.

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Headache, dizziness, weird spot on your big toe? One quick internet search, and before you know it you there’s 10 different ailments that could explain your symptoms—and these days all the Q&A we need to “self-diagnose” appear in Google without even having to visit another website. Convenient, right? Not so fast.

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It’s time to transition from winter’s full-coverage footwear to summer’s strappy sandals. Don’t be caught with unattended feet this year!

A recent article from Stylecaster provides some good suggestions for prepping your feet for summer. In the article, spa director Shane Upson and nail technician Dulsi Nunez give insight into footcare and pampering.

Socks in Summer? Yep.

While you may expect to ditch your daily socks in the summer, Nunez suggests grabbing a pair of special foot softening socks if you’re hoping to heal dry feet. With a gel lining that’s infused with moisturizing oils and antioxidants, a night in these socks will intensely moisturize your feet.

Don’t want to order special softening socks? Get a great foot cream, apply before bed, then slip on any socks you like for similar benefits.

Either way, treat yourself to overnight foot moisturizing regularly so you can leave dry, cracked heels behind and step out with soft, supple skin instead. It’s particularly important in summer since feet are far more prone to dryness and cracking in summer’s open shoe styles!

Get the Right Buffing Tool

Nunez also mentions that the use of a proper foot tool is a must. Pumice stones are popular, but they gather bacteria and simply aren’t particularly effective. A true foot buffer is a better choice, and you can find some great options at large cosmetic retails shops. Diamond foot buffers are super effective as well as easy to clean.

More Foot Softening Options

If you’re up for treating your feet at the spa, Upson urges people to consider a paraffin treatment. The feet are submerged in warm paraffin with mineral oils; the warm wax opens the pores so the oil can sink in.

For those interested in doing a home treatment for a DIY pedicure, a simple foot bath of warm whole milk is an easy option—just be sure the milk isn’t too hot! Lactic acid is an exfoliant that will help freshen skin.

When to Get a Pro’s Help

There are times when spa treatments, either at home or in your favorite mani/pedi salon, simply aren’t enough to restore health to the feet. If you have painful calluses, feet that are so cracked they’re bleeding, any type of fungus, bunions, or ingrown toenails, it’s important seek a foot doctor’s help. They’ll help you resolve these issues safely (and much more quickly) with medical-grade treatments.

In the Inland Empire? Luckily, there’s a Rancho Cucamonga podiatrist ready to treat your foot ailments and help you get your feet ready for summer. At Surgical Arts of Inland Empire, we are expert in removing bunions, fixing ingrown nails, and more. Call (909) 579-3111 to request your complimentary consultation!

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