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Designer Laser Vaginoplasty

With the advancements of laser technology, designer laser vaginoplasty can help women improve the appearance of the genital structures of the vagina. The cosmetic surgical approach is used to enhance symmetry, size, color, and shape. There are many reasons for seeking designer laser vaginoplasty, but the most common is vaginal weakness caused by childbearing.

I Haven't Had Children - Can I Still Be Candidate?

Yes, both women who have had children and those who have not may be good candidates for designer laser vaginoplasty. Deviations in symmetry and size of the labia, color and shape may stem from childbearing or genetics. Other traumas to the area can also have contributed to the weakness of the vagina or changes in aspects of the tissue.

Designer laser vaginoplasty is often used to achieve the following:

  • Enhance the appearance of the pubic mound
  • Reduce the labia majora or minora
  • Tighten the skin around the labia following weight loss
  • Reconstruction of the hymen

How Does DLV Work?

DLV procedures take between one and two hours and are commonly conducted with local anesthesia, though general anesthesia is an option. The laser can be used for a variety of procedures that treat specific issues of the vagina. For example, laser reduction labioplasty is used to reshape the libial minora, or small inner lips, that extend along the sides of the vagina. Augmentation labiaplasty, on the other hand, is used to enlarge the labia majora, or the outer lips, in order to create a fuller, more youthful appearance.

DLV can also be combined with Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation as well as other cosmetic surgeries including the tummy tuck, breast implants, and body contouring.

Results, Recovery, And Risks

The results of DLV treatment are permanent and are visible immediately after treatment, and as soon as the effects of surgery have diminished.

You can return to work and your daily activities within one week. The doctor will provide post-operative instructions, which you should follow closely. It is recommended that patients abstain from sex for about six weeks until the tissues have completely healed.

As with any cosmetic surgery, there are risks involved with DLV. Surgery may change sensation, increase asymmetry, and cause changes in pigmentation.

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