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Phlebectomy of Varicose Veins

Phlebectomy, a low-risk high-benefit treatment for varicose veins, is most often used for larger surface veins that have become tortuous and that bulge. The procedure is highly successful and minimally invasive. Better yet, phlebectomy is an ambulatory procedure, which means patients can go home after treatment.

Phlebectomy takes place in a relaxed office setting and is conducted with local anesthesia. Your vascular surgeon will make tiny incisions as small as 1 mm or needle punctures in order to access the vein. The problem vein is then extracted through an incision using a phlebectomy hook. No stitches are used, but a compression bandage will be applied.

Phlebectomy of varicose veins has benefits such as:

  • No scarring
  • No downtime
  • No stitches

Futhermore, reoccurrence rates are minimal compared to that of sclerotherapy and other varicose vein treatments because in phlebectomy, the entire varicose vein is removed.

Before treatment your vascular surgeon will examine the troubled vein(s) using ultrasound and thoroughly check your medical history to ensure that phlebectomy is the right treatment for you. Those that have venous reflux disease will need to be treated with endovenous radiofrequency, laser ablation or other procedures.

It is critical that patients continue to wear the compression bandage or support stocking per their vascular surgeon’s instructions. Though you can walk immediately after the procedure, it is a good idea to take it easy for the first day. Keep your leg elevated and rest as much as possible. You will also need to refrain from strenuous activity for about two weeks or according to your surgeon’s recommendations. Work and other daily activities can typically be resumed the next day.

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