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Study Compares Foam Sclerotherapy to Vein Stripping

picture of legs, for vein treatment story on inland empire surgery center blogNew research compares the less invasive vein treatment of foam sclerotherapy to the traditional vein stripping technique, demonstrating results that are equally effective.

The five-year study appears in the journal of Dermatologic Surgery. Vascular surgeons compared 216 patients who had undergone vein stripping and 156 patients who underwent foam sclerotherapy. They found no differences in the rate of post operative symptoms, and conclude that ligation and foam sclerotherapy offers the same safety and efficacy as the classic stripping technique.

What is Classical Vein Stripping?

The surgical removal of veins is known as microphlebectomy. This technique is needed in cases of abnormally large varicose veins. Your vascular surgeon would mark the veins before making small incisions to hook and gently remove the vein using a special instrument. This may involve multiple small incisions that only require a small bandage after the procedure.

What is Foam Sclerotherapy?

Foam sclerotherapy is about a 45-minute procedure. Using a fine needle, your surgeon injects a foam solution into spider veins or medium-sized varicose veins. The injection triggers an inflammatory response in the vein, causing it to close.

Read more about vein treatments in Inland Empire / Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

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